Informing you point at a time.

Information on how our 3D laser surveys support a wide range of applications and provide benefits across differing market sectors such as Engineering, Construction, Property Management, Heritage and Restoration.

As-built point cloud

As Built

How to create efficient and cost effective as-built documentation from 3D laser surveys

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Reduce risk with 3D laser survey


How 3D laser surveys generate project savings by reducing risk for on-site safety, improving programme and inhancing project delivery through 3D technology

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3D technology available to school project

Sparking and interest in 3D technology

PointSCAN Limited have recently collaborated with Bedford Girls School to offer both our time and equipment so that the pupils can see for themselves how the use of 3D laser technology is being used in industry.

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Hidden Gems

This detailed 3D laser scan of a stainless steel sculpture was undertaken as a training piece to understand how reflective surfaces can be acquired.

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Find out how a 3D laser survey can create benefits for your project

PointSCAN 3D laser surveys provide accurate BIM data
Engineering and fabrication drawings completed bt PointSCAN 3D laser scanning
Fast safe and accurate 3D measurement data with PointSCAN 3D laser surveys
measurement data for BIM surveys