Creating a digital London point at a time.

3D laser surveys

3 simple steps for improving on-site measurement data in London

PointSCAN 3D laser scanner

1. Acquisition

3D Laser scanning captures fast and accurate on-site measurement data to create point cloud models

converting point clouds to cad or drawing

2. Documentation

The process of converting point cloud data to produce 3D models, plans and digital drafting available in multiple formats.

Virtual Reality

3. transformation

Explore a world of photo realistic environments and immerse yourself in a world of fully interactive virtual reality.


A traditional survey records measurements from points around a building which are used to create a drawing by joining the points together.  A 3D laser survey captures 360 degrees, floor, ceiling, walls, windows, doors all in a single scan.  The difference being that a 3D laser survey records points up to 1mm apart so that the information acquired provides a lot more detail.

Photographs also provide valuable information when surveying a property.  Imagine being able to view an area from any angle, imaging being able to take measurements directly from the image, now imaging being able to immerse yourself  within that image and walk around in virtual reality. Take this one step further and start interacting, observing changes in light, features and fixings.  

measured building survey
Point Cloud
3D measured building model
3D Model

One survey, endless applications

Fast, accurate and cost effective,  Scan an entire building in a single survey.  Keep the data until you need the information and produce drawings from the saved data. No second survey required here.

No more working from ladders, or having scaffolding installed.  Most 3D laser surveys can be completed from floor level and do not worry about those hard to reach places and dark loft spaces a 3D laser scanner works just as well in total darkness so no space is overlooked 


Other Surveys Available

With all the added benefits provided by a 3D laser survey you would expect a price to match however when compare to traditional survey techniques our measured building surveys offer a cost alternative solution.

  • Prices for £250 per project
  • Fully Insured
  • AutoCAD .DWG / .RCP included
  • 3D Point Cloud as standard
  • Credit / Debit card payments 
Create savings you did not know you were going to spend!

Everyone knows that delays and mistakes on a project can be costly even more so in London. Reduce delays, avoid second, third and even forth visits to site to sort out changes in design by using a single survey to provide verified measurement data for all your different trades to work from

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survey time
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