Viewing 3D Scan Data

Once acquired digital 3D scan data can be utilised in many different formats.

Point CLoud

A 3D visual representation created from the raw scan data.  not quite photographic quality but a cost effective way of demonstrating existing site layout  without any additional modelling.


3D Modelling

The conversion of a point cloud into a 3D model which can be easily distributed and exported in multiple formats into most major software packages.



Creating plans, technical and fabrication drawings and topographical surveys directly from point cloud data or 3D models available in digital or PDF formats.


“One scan is all you need, you can use as little or as much of the data as you require.”

Planar Views

See what the scanner see’s.  A 360 degree panoramic image with a higher resolution than a point cloud.  

3D Models

A 3D laser scan provides an exact representation of its surroundings which enables accurate models to be produced which can then be adapted as you project develops

3D documentation from PointSCAN 3D laser surveys

Full Colour Point Cloud

Colours and textures can be captured and added to the point cloud data to provide realistic images suitable for condition surveys, project planning and presentations.


Retrospective laser scanning provides a fast and accurate solution to assessing compliance with project designs.


Combine your point cloud data with your 3D model to show how your design may be situated within an accurate representation of your site.


Created from 3D models or directly from the scan data technical documentation, plans and elevations and topographical drawings are still an integral part of any project delivery.