About us

On-site measurement is our business

Since 2016 PointSCAN Ltd have been providing 3D laser surveys with one simple objective, to create savings and efficiencies for our clients by introducing 3D technology to their projects.  Furthermore our national coverage allows us to operate across a wide variety of market sectors due to the fact that a measurement is the same for an engineer as it is an archaeologist.  So whether you are a first time user or a seasoned professional take a look at our services and view measurement data in a new format. 

"Our clients make savings that they didn't know they were going to spend."


Our 3D laser surveys offer practical and cost effective solutions when compared to traditional survey techniques, consequently reducing on-site time and design costs.


 With an accuracy of +/- 2mm, we can capture every detail of your site so you can explore from the comfort and safety of your own office.


3D laser surveys offer multiple viewing formats that are easy to interpret. They can be easily shared and imported into most major software packages, reducing errors

Making your business, our business.

Our 3D laser surveys capture more than just measurement data, so understanding your business allows us to provide the right solution. Therefore allowing yourproject to benefit from presenting information that can be clearly understood, interrogated and easily shared.  Above all it’s our business to capture more information than you may need, so that documentation such as 3D models and plans can contain as little or as much detail as required, safe in the knowledge that the original survey contains an exact representation that can be stored and reproduced at any time.

Where we work

Operating from our head office based in Bedford. Our mobile engineers attend our client’s sites across London, throughout the UK and beyond.

Who we work for

We work with a diverse variety of companies from differing market sectors
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How we work

We understand that all our clients have  many different requirements. So our non-intrusive laser surveys can normally be undertaken safely and with minimum disruption.  However, where necessary, sites can be attended to fit with scheduled downtime or out of hours operations.      

Find out what we can do for your business.

We don't just provide safer solutions

PointSCAN are committed to providing the highest levels of service and safety. Our ongoing training programme ensures that we are fully qualified to work on our clients sites whatever the industry. 

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