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3D laser surveys

3 simple steps for improving on-site measurement data collection.

PointSCAN 3D laser scanner

1. Acquisition

3D Laser scanning captures fast and accurate on-site measurement data to create point cloud models

converting point clouds to cad or drawing

2. Documentation

The process of converting point cloud data to produce 3D models, plans and digital drafting available in multiple formats.

Virtual Reality

3. transformation

Explore a world of photo realistic environments and immerse yourself in a world of fully interactive virtual reality.

3D laser scanning allows you to visualise your measurement data.

Point clouds created from registered scan data build up an accurate three dimensional image of the scanned environment. As a result they can be viewed without the need for any additional modelling therefore providing a cost effective way to incorporate 3D imagery into your projects design or presentation.  

Construction Surveys
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Topographical Surveys
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Engineering Surveys
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Many different types of application require measurement information which is why PointSCAN 3D Laser Surveys specialise in the acquisition of accurate geomatic data, providing our clients with the information they need to complete a successful project delivery.

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survey time
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Benefit from faster on site survey times while capturing more data, often from a single survey.  As a result, improve design duration and quality can be achieved, minimising errors and costly unforeseen changes.  Continue to generate savings, using 3D technology to inspire and innovate your teams throughout a projects delivery. Reduce overall project risk by promoting safer survey techniques and allow us to bring a virtual site to you.

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