Project Planning…


You get this right and your half way there. With the ability to view and interact with designs in a 3D format during the early stages of a projects development you can build enthusiasm, inspire innovation and focus your team on .   


Incorporate 3D survey data with existing site drawings, aerial photographs and 3D models to create virtual site establishments.  Observe access routes, construction sequences and mitigate double handling of materials.  Foresee interactions with existing site users or the general public in differing scenarios to minimise disruption and combine this with financial and programme data and share with stakeholders to gain confidence in project delivery strategies.


Allow your supply chain to integrate their designs directly into your model and with the potential to develop best practice industry techniques create measurable efficiencies without any risk to delivery budget or programme.

Virtual Hazop meetings, Health & Safety tours and client walk through can all be experienced in the comfort of your office, with fully interactive life size projections available the power of 3D visualisation motivates all involved with issues such as clash detection identified where that may not be recognised in a two dimensional drawing. 



Pre-construction development can establish key milestone dates with models being built in real time and used as a visual aid to measure progress against deliverables and with digital medial available to all it’s easy to create a collaborative environment where 3d images can be shared instantly across departments and out in the field generating greater levels of communication. 


With the costs associated with design change significantly higher once a project is in construction the benefits of providing 3D design solutions can not only be measured in financial terms but also through the collaborative planning, client perception and staff moral.