Preserving Our Heritage…


Our national heritage is something to be treasured but maintaining and preserving our historical buildings and structures has long been a time consuming and costly process, sometime taking years to record intricate detailing and excavated remains.

Without minimising the importance of the tasks PointSCAN are able to accurately record and measure sites, buildings and structures in a fraction of the time without disturbing the sites integrity.  This data can then be shared, stored for future use or used to recreate models, replicas or templates to assist in the preservation techniques required on such important projects.

Combined with other traditional techniques such as ground penetrating radar and geographical aerial photography our 3D Laser scanners capture up to 330m in a single scan that not only minimises site time and disruption but reduces the requirement for access arrangements as most scans can be taken with the operator at ground level.

View 3D Point Cloud

created on FARO Scene software

"The Old School House"

3D laser scanning

Not only does this data provide an exact representation of the historical asset it also acts as a reference for deterioration studies which are essential for long term maintenance.  When used in conjunction with other 3D imaging processes PointSCAN are also able to recreate missing details based upon historical information provided to produce interactive 3D projections of artistic images furthermore enabling them to be physical recreated.